My name's Brent. I'm 24 years old. I design slot machine games for a living. I like music, baseball, television, video games, mathematics, politics, reading, fantasy, and other stuff. Expect a lot of posts about Lord of the Rings, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Pink Floyd, my stupid lame as fuck feelings, and a bunch of other crap. Enjoy.

My half sister just uploaded a picture of my little bro and I when we were younger onto Facebook. My bro is on the left and I’m in the middle.

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"Share a Coke with caution" — limited-edition Ebola-Cola™ Coke bottles

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I thought it was pretty fuckin’ cool that the wraith that revives you in Shadow of Mordor is Celebrimbor.

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One Does Not Simply Press X
SHADOW OF MORDOR, the new action-adventure game set in JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, is now on sale, and already garnering rave reviews.
If you’re the sort of person interested in this game, you already know what it is. So what I’ll tell you is that it absolutely lives up to its promise; from the moment I saw an early gameplay sample, I knew this would be a game that would shake things up — and that I wanted to work on.
And I can say how great it is without too much fear of bias, because while I did indeed work on the game, I was just one small part of a large team.
I worked on the ‘Nemesis system’, a major feature whereby enemies all have unique personalities, and the capability to remember their previous encounters with you. Suffice to say, if you get insulted by an Uruk before or after a fight — or even after they kill you! — there’s a good chance I wrote it. It was a lot of fun… and so is SHADOW OF MORDOR. Enjoy.

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So I’m at 34.7% completion for Shadow of Mordor, and I’ve put about 12-13 hours into it already, so that means this game will probably give me a good 35-40 hours total of gameplay. Nice.

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Gun Control

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or equality.

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